Dr. B. G. Halgekar
Dr. B. G. HalgekarPresident
26,Rukmini Palace,
Gurudev Ranade Road,
Hindwadi, Belgaum
Mobile No : 9448142883
Dr. Milind Halgekar
Dr. Milind HalgekarVice-President
Mai Hospital, Hattiholi Galli,
Shahapur, Belgaum
Mobile No : 9448111628
Dr.Prakash H. Rao.
Dr.Prakash H. Rao.Secretary
No 1382/2, Lengade Building
Opp: DDPI Office Club Road
Mobile No :9448141332
Dr. S.R. Nandeshwar
Dr. S.R. NandeshwarTreasurer
3393, Shahpurkar Complex,
Gondhali Galli, Belgaum
Mobile No :9845273837
Dr. Sajid Tebala
Dr. Sajid TebalaMember
3374/1A Bhaswantsakha,
Complex 1st floor,
College Road, Belgaum
Mobile No :9845076583
Dr. Prakash Phonde
Dr. Prakash PhondeMember
186, Near Shanidev Mandir,
Tahasildar Galli, ,Belgaum
Mobile No :9845274845
Dr.Kamalakar Acharekar
Dr.Kamalakar AcharekarMember
3442, City Plaza Ground Floor,
Samadevi Galli Belgaum
Mobile No :9844086695
Dr. R.D. Patel
Dr. R.D. PatelMember
High Street, Camp
Mobile No :9448110778
Dr. Satish Dhamankar
Dr. Satish DhamankarEx-Officio Member
3IMA President,
298, 299 Station Road,
Mobile No :9448151441
Dr. R.G. Viveki
Dr. R.G. VivekiEx-Officio Member
IMA Secretary
Sahishnu Apartments,
Gondhali Galli Belgaum
Mobile No :9845143860

The Total Number of Medical Establishments as per the KPME List of DHO Office is as follows:

Sl. No Taluka no.of Establishments
i) Belgaum Taluka 980 Establishments
ii) Hukkeri Taluka 159 Establishments
iii) Gokak Taluka 980 Establishments
iv) Khanapur Taluka 78 Establishments
v) Bailhongal Taluka 57 Establishments

Total Establishments: 1481 Establishments
Presently We are having 733 Members. And covering 2800 beds strength of Hospitals & Nursing Homes. We have already
covered the Belgaum and Khanapur, Gokak & Hukkeri Taluka. We are shortly starting Bailhongal Taluka. We want to cover in future remaining Establishments as per the list.